Hot Adriana Lima Wallpapers

Castle Montage
adriana_lima_2_thumbNow this one is a bit strange. Adriana LIma is leaning against a church? Maybe the designer want this to be a funny scenario. A good cut on the montage. Unfortunately this wallpaper lack of details such as the shadow behind Adriana Lima. Still, the sexy Adriana Lima stands out of the frame.

Minimum White
adriana_lima_3_thumbA typical twin desktop that combines two photograph into one frame. This high-key photography is well executed, but lack of details and minor flaws such as overexposed white on the foreground. The details loss might be caused by the JPEG compression loss. Anyway, nice sexy pose and good choice of props indeed.

Magazine Style Adriana Lima
adriana_lima_4_thumbYou might see this kind of pose a lot in magazines. With the nice straight hair and skin color lingerie, Adriana Lima looks very confident. This one is my favorite. Love the looks of Adriana Lima on this sexy brown lingerie.

Black and White
adriana_lima_5_thumbAnother cool deep black and white photography. A hollywood scenario is well executed. Looks a lot like a past movie on the Hollywood movie scene.

High-Key Blue Jeans
adriana_lima_6_thumbHey, Adriana is hiding his front! Being naughty girl Adriana? Very nice props and monotone color pallete makes this feel classy.


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