Adriana Lima Hot Wallpaper

Triple Hot Adriana Lima
adriana_lima_11_thumb4 This one is a triple photograph of Adriana Lima wearing white sexy suit. Very well executed and pose, no doubt about it. A supermodel pose right? Great wallpaper for your desktop.

Warm Sexy Adriana Lima in Snow
adriana_lima_12_thumb1A warm skintone against a cold snow makes this photomontage an interesting one, not to mention the contrast it creates. One note about this photomontage is the details and perspective. They don't match with the background. Anyway, Adriana Lima gives great pose as always.

Sexy Farm Lady
adriana_lima_13_thumbAdriana Lima and a cow? (or bull? whatever...) Just use your imagination when seeing this wallpaper. A sexy farm lady, a cow, and a plane. What a match.

Animal Care
adriana_lima_14_thumb1 Another animal theme wallpaper. Nice blue eyes you've got there Adriana. Matching with her dress, but definitely not matching with the animal and cuprid? Well, an animal fiesta indeed.

Adriana Lima Flare
adriana_lima_15_thumbI call this flary theme. Jumping Adriana Lima combined with a picture of her in the bottom left makes this a nice poster. A good poster for wallpaper.

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Adriana Lima Sexy Lingerie Wallpaper Pack

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Nature Adriana Lima Wallpaper

Funny Adriana
adriana_lima_16This one was taken when Adriana Lima is having his hair done. A funny looking Adriana holding on two photographs of her.

Morning Sunshine 
adriana_lima_17A photomontage of Adriana and a port somewhere. A clean masking with nice props (psst...she only wearing boots).

A Night Dress 
adriana_lima_18Another montage of three photographs into one frame. In this shot, Adriana plays a nice girl wearing a red hot night dress.

Melting Iceberg 
adriana_lima_19Just imagine Adriana Lima wearing these clothes on iceberg...

A Classic Theme
adriana_lima_20Killer expression and an iceberg makes the contrast on this wallpaper. A flary sun guides us to Adriana. Not a good masking skill though.

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Adriana Lima Sexy Wallpapers

Here is some of the best quality Adriana Lima Wallpaper that you can use for your desktop wallpaper. Just click on the image and when the image has fully shown up, right click on it and choose Save As to save the sexy wallpaper right into your hard drive.

Pinky Bra
adriana_lima_7Misterious look and pink bra? This one is definitely have one of the misty look. Combining sexy and misterious always works. Check this one out.

Reversed Version
adriana_lima_8Feeling dejavu? This is the mirrored version of the twin above. Same high quality image for your desktop wallpaper.

Killer Looks
adriana_lima_9A killer look of Adriana Lima. Definitely worth to be the desktop wallpaper. Nice hairdo by the way. She doesn't need clothes to create a sexy photograph huh? Very powerful image this one.

Bronze Queen
adriana_lima_10Very nice! I always love the wardrobe. This definitely brings the spirit of a stylist and fashionable Adriana Lima. Great photograph.

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Hot Adriana Lima Wallpapers

Castle Montage
adriana_lima_2_thumbNow this one is a bit strange. Adriana LIma is leaning against a church? Maybe the designer want this to be a funny scenario. A good cut on the montage. Unfortunately this wallpaper lack of details such as the shadow behind Adriana Lima. Still, the sexy Adriana Lima stands out of the frame.

Minimum White
adriana_lima_3_thumbA typical twin desktop that combines two photograph into one frame. This high-key photography is well executed, but lack of details and minor flaws such as overexposed white on the foreground. The details loss might be caused by the JPEG compression loss. Anyway, nice sexy pose and good choice of props indeed.

Magazine Style Adriana Lima
adriana_lima_4_thumbYou might see this kind of pose a lot in magazines. With the nice straight hair and skin color lingerie, Adriana Lima looks very confident. This one is my favorite. Love the looks of Adriana Lima on this sexy brown lingerie.

Black and White
adriana_lima_5_thumbAnother cool deep black and white photography. A hollywood scenario is well executed. Looks a lot like a past movie on the Hollywood movie scene.

High-Key Blue Jeans
adriana_lima_6_thumbHey, Adriana is hiding his front! Being naughty girl Adriana? Very nice props and monotone color pallete makes this feel classy.

Adriana Lima Montage

Adriana Lima Montage
adriana_lima_1_thumbA very good montage of Adriana Lima that can brighten your desktop. This artwork is well designed and clean. A macro shot of a red mushroom combined with Adriana Lima wearing black hot lingerie has the imagination of Adriana Lima is wet, hot and stand out in the middle of grassland.

Adriana Lima Biography

Adriana Francesca Lima (born June 12[4] 1981) is a Brazilian model known for her work with Victoria's Secret and Maybelline cosmetics. Lima was discovered at age 13, and entered and finished first in Brazil's Ford Supermodel of the World competition at 15, finishing second the following year before signing with Elite Model Management in New York City.

Lima never thought about being a model. She had a friend at school who wanted to enter a modeling contest and didn't want to enter alone. So, consequently, Lima entered with her. Both sent in pictures, and the contest sponsor soon asked Lima to come out for the competition. Soon after, at the age of 15, she entered and finished in first place in Brazil's Ford Supermodel of the World Search. She subsequently entered the 1996 Ford Supermodel of the World contest and finished in second place. Three years later, Lima moved to New York City and signed with Elite Model Management. After acquiring representation, Adriana Lima's modeling portfolio began to expand by leaps and bounds, and she appeared in numerous international editions of Vogue and Marie Claire. As for fashion shows, she has walked the catwalks for big-name designers such as Vera Wang, Christian Lacroix, Emanuel Ungaro, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Ralph Lauren and Valentino, among others. Lima then became a GUESS? girl appearing on GUESS?' Fall 2000 ad campaign. She also appeared in the book A second decade of Guess? Images (Source: Wikipedia).

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